Parkview Lanes
 Holder, Florida

Leagues Standings

Dorine Fugere
  300 - 2011
Lori Ciquera
  300 - 2011
Stephanie Flory
   300 - 2012
Honor Scores in 2015  -  Click to enlarge
Jeff Koch
Scott Brown
Mark Ash
Rich Soletto
Brent Ciquera (3)
Chris Carr (3)
Phil Spencer (2)
Mark Smith
Todd Cridland
Corey Housman
Gary Brown
Chris Nunz
Brian Carney (2)
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                        in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
​                Honor scores in 2015 and 2019 below
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Honor Scores in 2019
Chris Carr (2)

Brian Carney
Ted Lawson
Ryan Aguilar (3)
Terry Rummler II (2)
Wyatt Dennington
Dalton Grudzas
Cody Mullis
Bailey Allan
Eric Glowacki
Matt O'Brien
Keith Sharp
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