Substitutes and/or pacers are needed in most leagues.  If only interested in subbing or pacing, contact the Center at 352-489-6933 or the Secretary of the league(s).

Parkview Lanes
 Holder, Florida

Tim Lawrence set a new Citrus County high series record during the Wednesday Scratch league July 30, 2014: 
 300-268-300=868.  Tim now has six 300 games and two 800 series at Parkview Lanes since October, 2011.

Leagues Standings

                                                                         Honor Scores rolled from April 28, 2016 through December 4, 2017:
Robbie Yoakum (300,804), Bobby Craft (300), Ryan Aguilar ((832,300,801,300,835,300), Bobby Kempton (300), Ryan Aguilar (300,835,300), Mike Buchanan (300), Erik Lentz (300), Cody Mullis (300,300,802,300,815,834,300,815,834), Trevor Roberts (300,300,827), Charlie Stein (300,840,300), Don Griffin (300), David McNall (300,821), Terry Rummler (300,300,807); ​Tyler Sandak (806), Brian Carney (300), Eddie Corbitt (804), Mike Pozzi (809), Wes Foley (300).

The Thursday Night 12-week league, Holder Hotshots, will be ending January 25,  The meeting for the next 12-week session will be February 1, and the bowling will begin February 8. 

The league is non-sanctioned, the teams are 4-person mixed, the handicap is based on 100% of 220, and the weekly fee is currently $14.